Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thou 'as nae need to worry, lass, there'll never be another fer me. Since time began, there's ne'er been man who could love as I love thee (From 'The Wensley Lass')

This is a big week at Wozza's place because SWMBO will be winging her way back to the sandpit at the end of it.

SWMBO has very high standards so...

Gotta throw out the plants that did nae make it captain, make sure the cupboards are depleted of junk, gotta get the vacuuming done, make another carrot cake (I promised) and gotta generally make sure the place is ship shape and Bristol fashion.

Actually not all the above is strictly true. I won't be doing any vacuuming fer a start (not, I hasten to add, because I dislike vacuuming intensely, I do, but that's not the reason. Presangi has already done a spring clean) and there is no junk food anywhere to be found.

I've actually been pretty good eating-wise and after an initial feeling in January of - Wahey I can buy loads of potato crisps and SWMBO'll never know - I decided that healthy was the way to go.
Consequently I've lost 4kgs in weight through regular exercise, smaller portions, cutting down big time on between meal snacks, eating NZ Jazz apples and Italian kiwifruit, and absolutely no potato crisps. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nuttin.

SWMBO arrives early on Friday morning my time (5.30) and will be here in Al Ain until we fly back to Nu Zild at the end of March.

Love and peace and big smiles - Wozza

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