Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'll watch the path that winds by the wishing tree, it ends beneath my window, and there I'll be (Dorothy Lamour)

Growing up I used to be persuaded by my father to watch those old Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour road movies. He was a Bob Hope, Bing Crosby fan (and probably Dorothy Lamour too for all I know) and NZBC that was (TVNZ now - how's that for progress), was pretty boring when I was growing up: black and white, one channel that started about 5pm and ended about 10pm - so I was an easy sell.

Thing is - I actually loved them as the very flimsy plots were an excuse for a series of Bob Hope jokes, songs, dances and more jokes. Maybe that was the start of my love for the road movie genre.

So I thought I'd create my own road movie from yesterday's road trip to Dubai. I drove the dolly (otherwise known as the Tiida) and she who must be obeyed took the pictures.

The Al Ain to Dubai road is a three lane (sometimes four) thrill ride at a pretty steady 130kph - I know one of the pictures below says max for cars is 120 but generally here you add 20 to any speed limit so if it says 60 you do 80, 80 is 100 and 120kph is around 140 on the open roads.

Yesterday was Friday - the quietest day on the roads (at least until 4pm when Friday prayers ends and the shops start opening up for business) so that explains the absence of cars.

The pictures are in sequence from Al Foah to the approach into Dubai (where the camel market and race track is situated). The truck on the side of the road had just burst a tyre and the poor sods were trying to figure out how to fix it - given it was fully laden.

There is a long stretch of road works soon after leaving Al Ain and the trip takes about an hour from Al Foah, where I work which is just on the approach into Al Ain and about 30 mins from where we live in Al Sarooj (a district of Al Ain). aboard and don't forget to buckle up. We're off. Maybe (maybe) not as romantic as Route 66 or the Forgotten World Highway from Stratford to Taumarunui but a road trip all the same.

Love and peace - Wozza

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