Sunday, April 3, 2011

Keep truckin', like the do-dah man (The Grateful Dead part 3)

Part 3: Last week's break from school was finished off with a few days/nights in Abu Dhabi.

(The view from our room - Kings Recording is located around those buildings in the top right of the picture above).

We decided to not do the AD Big Bus Tour as we'd already seen the main sig hts of interest over the last few months, the geography/sights of AD are not that interesting or in close proximity to each other, and finally it was too expensive - about a hundred dirham more than the Dubai Big Bus Tour (see part 1 below). Instead we walked the gardens by the corniche, shopped in the two big malls (Marina and AD Malls) and I visited Kings Recording (sic) to restock the CD collection. The AC was off so I browsed in sweltering heat. I managed to last about 20 seconds before the shopkeeper offered me tissues to mop away the sweat on my face. Jacky stopped by after an hour away (as per our agreement) and in a shocked tone told me I had to leave the store for the sake of my health. In a blur of delirium I paid for my horde and left to buy lashings of cold drinks to get my core temperature back under control. Bliss, in other words, and well worth the near fatal effort. I got many bargains - a lot of rare stuff for 15 dirhams each. I'll be back, inshallah, and (a big)inshallah, the AC will be fixed. Love and peace - Wozza

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