Friday, April 1, 2011

Your typical city involved in a typical daydream...(The Grateful Dead Part 1)

Jacky and I have packed a lot into my week off. Last Friday was spent on some school work (we are being audited in a few weeks time so I need my folders holding evidence of 44 Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, up to date). Gonna bring you the week in three parts. Part 1: Saturday and Sunday were spent in Dubai. We did the Big Bus Tour and saw a lot more of Dubai in a much more relaxed way than we have before (normally our routine is to drive to Dubai, negotiate traffic in a growing fever pitch of dread, stay in the Burj Dubai area and commute to malls on the metro). The Big Bus tour has been a great experience in the past (Edinburgh, Rome, and Paris) so we thought why not? We certainly didn't regret it. Here are some snaps from the trip which took in the Palm and Jumerieh Beach areas of Dubai.

We started at the Wafi mall (this is one of the modest little entrances to it) and went on a windy open top ride towards Deira and the creek area of Dubai. Yes I know I'm all alone in the shot - Nigel No Mates indeed - see even Jacky left me to take the picture!

We eventually hopped off the bus for a look around the souq (second photo below) but the constant demand for our attention from the pashmina salesmen drove us nuts. I hate the forceful way they hound tourists to enter their shops.

So we escaped them on a water taxi across the creek (above) and rejoined the bus (below). We made our way out to Jumerieh beach and the Palm area (a reclaimed island that is in the shape of a palm tree with fronds holding very flash apartment blocks and the Atlantis resort). It's obscenely rich and decadent and very much a symbol of modern Dubai, or it would be except it's finished - unlike much of Dubai). The approach road to the Atlantis on the Palm is above, and below is the beach area that is also home to massive palaces housing the ruling family and rich movie stars from Mickey Mouse town. This bit in the photo is the public beach where even I might have a swim, if I so desired (I didn't).
Nobs' lane Palm style - a nearly endless line of luxury apartment blocks on the Palm fronds - each with a lagoon running up to it.

We then headed back into Dubai (this being the view back over the Palm's bridge to the mainland taken by Jacky) and enjoyed a visit to the Dubai mall and then home to Al Ain the next day.

Monday and Tuesday were spent doing more school work and the return home also gave Jacky a chance to attend her horsing around session at Al Ain's equestrian centre.

But that's to be continued in the next post inshallah....

Love and peace - Wozza

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