Sunday, April 10, 2011

I think of you and I see me (Lacuna Coil)

The Guardian has a daily section to its editorial called, 'In praise of...' They then do exactly that - write an article in praise of some thing or some one.

With that spirit in mind, I'm going to weigh in with a post in praise of the Principal at Ali bin Abi Taleb School.

His name is Mohammed and he has been the Principal for 6 years. I've known him since November last year. He's quiet, very astute, very tuned in to the pulse of the school, excellent at relationships, and a dedicated teacher with a fine sense of humour. The nicest thing I've heard about him is a comment from one of the teachers who said that Mohammed gives him comfort and the confidence to be a better teacher.

Here we are in a highly stylised situation - I needed some photos of Mohammed and me working on some professional development work so we had to interrupt our actual PD session to pose for some photos.

Love and peace - Wozza

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