Sunday, June 22, 2014

You can't always get what you want (The Rolling Stones)

Time to check how my predictions are going.

Here is my original stab at the group winners / runners up again to remind you

Group A: Brazil / Mexico 
Group B: Spain / Chile 
Group C: Ivory Coast / Colombia 
Group D: Uruguay / Italy 
Group E: Ecuador / Switzerland 
Group F: Argentina / Bosnia 
Group G: Germany / Portugal 
Group H: Russia / Belgium 

Given the results so far - here is my revised list with my place changes in red and my additions in blue:

Group A: Brazil / Mexico 
Group B: Netherlands / Chile 
Group CColombia / Ivory Coast 
Group D: Costa Rica / Uruguay  
Group E: France / Ecuador  
Group F: Argentina / Nigeria 
Group G: Germany / USA 
Group H: Belgium / Russia

So the quarter finals I'm NOW predicting will be: 
Argentina v Ecuador (likely winner is Argentina)
Germany v Russia (Germany)
Colombia v Uruguay (a really tricky one - Colombia)
Ivory Coast v Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
Netherlands v Mexico (Netherlands)
Brazil v Chile ( a really tricky one - Brazil)
         France v Nigeria (France)

       Belgium v USA (Belgium)

Right, so -  pretty bad huh - Spain are gone against everyone's predictions, France have been typically unpredictable, I underestimated Holland after a dire friendly pre tournament and Costa Rica have stunned group D. 

Costa Rica have played like England should have played but I'm betting that lesson will not be learned as the lads head back to their squillionaire lifestyles and exalted status back in old blighty in under a week's time.

Love and peace - Wozzinho

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