Friday, June 13, 2014

Oye como va, mi ritmo (Santana)

The long four year vigil was lifted this morning. Wahoo!

I'm not huge on opening ceremonies of anything but I did enjoy checking into it every few minutes while I was getting ready for school (the thing kicked off at 6 am this morning). Plenty of dancing and young Brazilians having fun, what's not to like?

It did get a bit surreal watching it this way though - at one point I walked in to see J Lo in a skimpy outfit and some beefy rapper guy doing their thing. What the hey??

When the game finally got underway Brazil did the business against Croatia and looked like they were full of goals at both ends. That's fine with me - I like that philosophy of - doesn't matter - we'll just score than you!

The penalty will be debated I guess (by Keegan and me at least). Watching it live I didn't think it was one but the subsequent camera angle from a side view showed Fred being pulled back and that's all it takes in the penalty area. For me - stone cold penalty.

So - my picks to progress from the group stages? Glad you asked.

Group A: Brazil / Mexico 
Group B: Spain / Chile 
Group C: Ivory Coast / Colombia 
Group D: Uruguay / Italy 
Group E: Ecuador / Switzerland 
Group F: Argentina / Bosnia 
Group G: Germany / Portugal 
Group H: Russia / Belgium 

So the quarter finals I'm predicting will be: 
Argentina v Portugal
Ecuador v Germany
Uruguay v Colombia
Ivory Coast v Italy
Spain v Mexico
Brazil v Chile
Yes, that's right - I don't think England or the Netherlands will make it out of the group stage. Not that I don't support them - I'd LOVE England to go all the way, but they are not like Italy who scrape results together and Uruguay are almost playing at home.

As for Holland - they are in a tough group with Spain, who will beat them again, and Chile, who are almost playing at home.

Love and peace - Wozzinho   

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