Sunday, June 15, 2014

You're so far away and so long ago but a dream goes on forever (Todd Rundgren)

England 1 - Italy 2

Maybe it was me, but I thought the Italy v England game was slower and less intense than the other games I've watched so far.

England didn't press and so Pirlo ran the show...again. Rooney fizzled. End of story.

If you want to know what the FIFA World Cup means to ordinary Nu Zilders here's a story:

I watched the game wearing my old Umbro England shirt (one star above the three lions - that one) and stuck with it for the rest of the day. When I was out and about in Waipukarau (service station, New World foodmarket etc) I got lots of comments:

"Didn't help ya last night did it mate" (The All Blacks played the second test against England in Dunedin)

When I pointed out it was a football shirt and I was supporting the English against the Italians this morning they looked at me with a billion questions in their eyes.

"Football? You mean soccer?" No I mean football.

Oh nevermind.

In this part of the world rugby is King and the All Blacks are the anointed ones; football is soccer and, ipso facto, soccer is supported by fanatical passionate tribes of weirdos elsewhere in the world. 

The gathering of the tribes happens every four years.

And here we are again - watching England at a World Cup finals, hoping like crazy we can have our very own 1966.

But then the Prince Valiants fall at the first hurdle and we're in familiar territory. 

Love and peace - Wozzinho

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