Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why didn't evolution make a giraffe good at carpentry so it could build a ladder? (Karl Pilkington)

A brief break from the  football - the early mornings are taking their toll on me but it's worth it - it's only every four years remember!.

Karl Pilkington has made a return to our screens in An Idiot Abroad series 3. This time Ricky sends him off with a little helper - the actor Warwick Davis with dwarfism.

Karl and Warwick travel the Marco Polo route and it was originally broadcast as a three part Christmas special in 2012 but I haven't seen it before.

It's hilarious! Karl is a whinging pom to beat all whinging poms but he has some great ideas.

Adam sent me a couple that have been made into motivational posters. Here's my pick!

Love and peace - Wozzinho

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