Thursday, August 7, 2014

My heart is aching for you little lamb, I can help you out but I cannot help you in (Wings)

You find us having finished lambing season at Red Phoenix Farm. 

That always means life and death unfortunately. So far we've lost a ewe and, obviously, the lambs she was carrying; I've also had to bury five other lambs.

One seemed healthy - lasted a couple of days and then I went out one morning to find it had died in the night. Another one was part of triplets that didn't really survive the birth and the others have appeared fine but mysteriously have not made it.

Mother nature can be cruel and we had to give the remaining triplets to Sallie to try to hand rear because the mum is rather pathetic. I put covers on all three and I think that gave them the chance to survive but the mother ignored them and if left to her tender mercies we're sure they also would be dead by now.

The good news there is that Aunty Sallie has had success with two of the three lambs she ultimately had to foster.

The other good news is that the place is buzzing with a plethora of young bleats looking for mum. I tend to lose count after the first two or three. Needless to say they are cute, adorable little souls.

Love and peace - Wozza

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