Thursday, August 28, 2014

When you worry call me, I make you happy (Bobby McFerrin)

Robin Williams has been on my mind of late. Goo Goo has a post which touched on him and reminded me that I hadn't really mentioned his passing here.

So here's my favourite five Robin Williams moments:

1 The manic side was clearly on display when he was on a stage. In this case it was as a guest on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

2 Dead Poets' Society was like having an ice water challenge when it came out in 1989. When this came out  I was six years into a teaching career. This had an immediate impact on me. 

3 The second clip from Dead Poets' takes on an even more poignant aspect now that he's feeding daffodils. I actually replicated this scene with a senior class at Cambridge High School. I'll never forget it.

4 This 'run by fruiting' moment always cracks me up. 

5 But this is where it all started for many of us. 

Happy Days gave him the Mork role, which spun off into a comedy whirlwind - Mork and Mindy. It gave him wider exposure, but Wow Reality...What A Concept was the (im)perfect vehicle to his insanely textured comedy world.

It came out at the end of the seventies and it was OUT THERE!

So many great lines which I still use; his stream of conscious comedy riffing (especially the Shakespeare skit and dynamite comedy hell routine on side two) is STUNNING!! 

I know it goes for 44 minutes and who listens to a comedy record for 44 minutes but we did back in the day and you should too. Reacquaint yourself with why you love Robin Williams!

Although imperfect-because he was such a visual comic-this record of his stand up routine stands on its own with intelligent word play, and ad libbing genius.

Thanks Robin.

Love and peace - Wozza from Earth

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