Saturday, August 2, 2014

The universe is all around us, read the writings in the stone (Haken)

A year ago I wrote a post about going on the school's Year 12 camp - a three dayer taking in skiing on Mt. Ruapehu and doing the Mt. Tongariro crossing. 

The crossing is a 19+ km climb/descent of Mt. Tongariro which takes us about 9 hours to complete.

Last year we couldn't see anything during these activities - mist and white out conditions. It's a bit of a slog if you can't see anything!

I've just returned from this year's version and it was a huge contrast. The weather conditions could not have been any more perfect. I joked with people at school that it was so clear we could see the Andes in South America.

See for yourself!

Actually - that's Mt. Taranaki in the distance, not the Andes but you get the idea.This was the view looking west across the North Island as we made the initial climb up Mt. Tongariro. 

There were amazing views all day long - here's a sample:

Looking down on two other groups from Woodford about to start the climb
to the summit. Crampons and ice axes required. 

Looking further right from the last photo - taking in the crater we
walked across.

Mt. Ngauruhoe (Mt. Doom in Lord Of The Rings) from the top of Mt.
Tongariro. Mt. Ruapehu is just behind in the distance.

Looking north east to Hawke's Bay. The smoke shows the volcanic
activity still going on, two years after the eruption.

Wow right!! The trip was even better by being shared with my wonderful colleagues - Chris, Sylvie, and Marina, and some amazingly superb out-of-this-world students.

This is my group - Team Ruthless (they can handle the jandal people!). I'm the lucky bloke on the right, and yes - Mt. Tongariro is an active volcano. I know right!! 

Love and peace - Wozza

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