Sunday, October 16, 2011

The good guys dress in black, remember that (Will Smith)

The All Blacks have just beaten the wallabies 20 - 6 at fortress Eden Park.

That result means a repeat of the 1987 Rugby World Cup final (a match up I predicted in a company competition before the first game of this year's version).

Our internet crashed at school so Jacky had to ring me every time there was a score. It actually made the whole thing really exciting and during the second half when the All Blacks were up 20 - 6 I didn't want to hear the phone ring (and it didn't until the final whistle).

I can't wait to watch a repeat of this game on TV tonight. In fact I think I could watch this game over and over again.

Arsenal play Sunderland this afternoon to make for a complete day (but I joked with Christine Ryan that I'd trade the Arsenal result for an All Blacks win so...)

Love and Peace - Wozza (in all black)

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