Friday, October 28, 2011

When something ends, something else begins (Riverside)

As the eagle-eyed reader will know from the post before last - we are up to Season Five of Grey's Anatomy. In fact we finished watching Season Five yesterday (when something ends...)

Each long serving series has its barking mad season. Let's call it the 'Pam's Dream' season.

I'll explain.

Dallas was a TV show from the eighties that had one whole season explained away as being a dream Pam, his wife's, had had which rendered the whole previous season defunct basically. Defunct and stoopid.

I never watched Dallas again after that. What was the point when the writers could negate a whole season by making it a dream?

So Season Five of GA is the Pam's Dream Season.

Don't believe me? Try these: Izzie is making love to her dead fiancé; the new cardio surgeon has Asperger's Syndrome; the new doctor guy in trauma is fresh from Iraq and he tries to throttle Yang in an Apocalypse Now style scene (he sees the ceiling fan, drops off to sleep then chokes Yang); Izzie has cancer (that explains the making love to her dead fiancé bit then); Derek and his former best friend (who slept with Derek's wife) have a fist fight in front of everyone but then make up; the 'is Cally a lesbian or not' storyline': the operating scenes have become extremely graphic...and so on.

Like I said - the Pam's Dream season.

Aside from all this the main problems with Season Five are the reduction in George scenes, and the softening of the Miranda scenes. The only two characters that we (SWMBO and I) actually like. The George reduction was particularly worrisome and ominous for Season Six.

Now we are just left with Miranda to like. She used to be called 'The Nazi', now she's seen grieving with dying children in her arms.

We start on Season Six today without George (something else begins...)

Love and peace - Wozza

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