Saturday, October 1, 2011

Take the elevator to the escalator, ride it down and start again (Weezer)

As per every one of my birthdays, since about 1970, I bought some Beatles product on my latest trip to the Dubai Mall.

Every year, around this time, I manage to add to my Fabs collection which just goes to show that the Beatles have never gone (and never will go) out of fashion or stop generating revenue for someone.

My latest two additions: Fab Faq 2.0 : The Beatles' Solo Years 1970-1980 by Robert Rodrigeuz is a companion volume to Fab Four Faq which has some amazingly esoteric facts on the Fabs that I've never seen before. I picked up the first volume a few months ago and saw this one at the Dubai Mall Bookstore as well. Knowing I had a birthday coming up I carefully hid it behind some other Beatles' books (there are lots so there was no danger someone would spot it).

The second addition was the latest copy of Filter magazine (number 45).

It's not really my kind of magazine - it's aimed a few generations younger than me, issue 45 does have a certain George Harrison on the cover though and that certainly got my attention.

The inside 'story' surrounds various young musicians and their thoughts on George (there is a new Scorsese documentary coming out which looks amazing and it's 10 years since George died).

I enjoyed reading it but the rest of the magazine is very glossy - lots of ads for American icons like Levis jeans - that sort of thing. The landscape format for the thing is quite weird too - the sizing above is accurate for the page layout and that takes a little adjusting to - damn thing kept sliding off my knees!

Talking of the Dubai Mall - I have this recurring fantasy that is a lot like the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal. I could easily live in the Dubai Mall. Easily!

It has it all. It really is a city in there. Apart from the fact that I would have unlimited supply to new technology (computer stores by the dozen), and old technology (I would never run out of books to read from the Bookstore, or music or movies to watch from Virgin or at the movie theatres).

There are seemingly endless places to have a meal or grab a coffee. Sleeping would not need to be rough - there are many really posh home decor stores.

Fashion? You name it. Sports equipement? Check.

Bathrooms? They are all over the place.

I can't think of anything I'd need that you couldn't get there. Even peace and quiet is available (the Mall opens slowly and sleepily at 10am).

In fact I'd be very willing to conduct a Big Brother House type experiment - to live in the Dubai Mall for...I don't know...a month? Two months? No problem. Anyone want to sponsor me?

Love and peace - Wozza

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