Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well now you know that your cat has nine lives to itself (Dr Winston O'Boogie)

Much of this week has been spent tending to a stray cat.

We arrived home from the supermarket on Saturday afternoon to find what looked like a really beat up feral cat in the garage to Yellow Jimi.

There are feral cats everywhere in Al Ain. They hang around the waste bins that line the roads and are lean and battered looking. We have three regulars that chill outside our apartment waiting for Jacky to give them our leftovers. I didn't think much of it when I saw the one in the garage.

Jacky went down to give it some food and discovered it wasn't feral at all. His tail had been 'de-gloved' (Jacky's elegant term) and was raw but his purrer was intact. She bundled it up and we took it to a vet (well we thought it was a vet, a place called The Modern Vet Clinic - you can see why we'd think that). The vet gave Jimi (I'd christened him by now) some shots, said he was about 5 months old, but also said he'd be fine so we took Jimi home.

You can see that he was really impressed by the whole thing!

On the way we, of course, had to stock up on cat paraphernalia - litter box, cat cage etc.

I went to work the next day and talked to my mathematics advisor (Jan) about Jimi. Jan is a cat lover/rescuer with form so I knew she'd know stuff. Turns out the place we'd gone to was a vet supplier! So I got her directions to the proper vet clinic and back we went.

Turns out Jimi had more injuries that we (and the vet supplies guy) hadn't spotted - leg, teeth and lots of bugs. Looks like wee Jimi has used up 8 of those 9 lives but he was lucky enough to find Jacky.

Jimi has now had his tail amputated, his leg attended to, been deloused and sorted - we hope. The vet rang me at work (Jimi is staying in for a few days) to let me know that Jimi is doing okay. According to her Jimi is about 5 years old and a really expensive breed.

Inshallah he'll make it through the next few days. The infection in his tail was pretty bad, but Jacky's TLC has given him a shot at least.

Rest assured I'll keep the blogosphere posted.

Love and Peace - Wozza

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