Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Move over Rover and let Jimi take over (James Marshall Hendrix)

Jimi has risen! And the pecking order has been reshuffled!!

We now have Jimi back from the vets following his week of recuperation after he had his tail amputated. The wound is healing thanks to Jacky's diligent ministrations and he's learning about apartment living and already bossing me around.
[Why 'Jimi'? Not because of Hendrix - that's just a happy co-incidence. We live in a district of Al Ain called Al Jimi and our apartment (where Jacky found him) is called Yellow Jimi, because it's painted yellow! So Jimi seemed a good choice.]
Jacky has kitted him out with a collar and bell so that he won't be mistaken for a 'pavement special' if he gets out of our place.

She has also made the spare bathroom into Jimi's bedroom - with a door barrier preventing his escape.

At 2.58am this morning I woke because I heard his bell (Jacky continued to snore on beside me). It jingled for a spell, then quiet, a big jingle, quiet, then thirty seconds of jingling before silence.

By this stage I was three quarters awake myself so I got up to see what was happening and get a drink. I was pretty sure that the jingles meant Jimi had jumped on and over the barrier and was relocating himself on a lounge chair.

I checked and, as I'd dreamily surmised Jimi had vacated his bedroom. Lounge? Nope. Kitchen? Nope.

I had a drink and dreamily stumbled back to bed, dreamily careful to check that I wasn't going to step on wee Jimi.

The alarm woke me for work at 5am as per usual. I remembered the 2.58am adventure and went searching for Jimi. Spare bedrooms? Nope. Under beds? Nope. Laundry? Nope.

Then I remembered where Soda loved to sleep - on a dining room chair. Sure enuf - there was Jimi, still fast asleep.

I think you'll agree he is on the mend (even though he has a permanently sour facial expression - bless 'im).

We have removed the bell (no chance of him threatening a bird in our place) and the barrier. I'm hoping for a better sleep tonight, if Jimi lets me.

Love and peace - Wozza (with assistance from Jimi as seen above)

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