Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update 12

Howdy folks - I'm killing time before our annual variety concert begins -
thought I'd make a start. This week we welcome back Samantha from
university for a short stay - apparently to get some country air, enjoy
our company and get some reading done in peace. It sounds like rush hour
at Piccadilly station everytime we ring her at her flat so I think the
last one sounds real.

Rochdale in the playoffs!! Christine sent me a media story and it was
great to see the dale set to play at Wembley (WEMBLEY!!!!). Every year
growing up I've looked for Arsenal and Rochdale results and places. It's
been very predictable. Every year Arsenal challenge for honours (okay -
not every year but I've blotted out the horror of the late 70s and woeful
80s from my memory) and Rochdale - always in the bottom of the 4th
division that was. Every year and I mean every year - a kind of extended
40 years of Arsenal in the 80s...bloody hell!!..for NZers imagine if the
All Blacks had 40 years of regular loses to Romania...aaarrrggghhhh!!!!!.

I recommend Bill Bryson's book 'Shakespeare'. Dad sent me a copy (thanks!)
and it's a bosker read - again made me homesick for London because he
writes so elegantly about the place (even if it is about diseases that
were rife in Elizabethan London).

Currently grooving to BoyzIIMen - album of Motown covers has me and Jade
(when she hears it) singing along in the car.

All for now - go Rochdale!!

Love and peace - W

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