Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update 15

Giday - I'm writing this at 4.30 on Wednesday afternoon - it's been dark
outside for ages, rain pelting down (actually more sleet than anything)
and flipping cold. I haven't had much time to devote lately to my updates
- last weekend was a rightoff in terms of having personal time or even
being at home - Friday and Saturday we (the school) hosted a Maori speech
and haka competition for Taranaki/Wanganui and it was huge!! Also on Sat
my boys football team had a great 6 - 1 win. The Sunday and Monday I went
with about 120 of our students to Wellington for a sports exchange with
Taita College. Jacky came too and we came back with Samantha. So it's been
full on. This weekend we have our school ball (Jade has been busy with her
preparations). Then the week after that I'm in Auckland for the final
residential of my First-time Principals certificate.

I also attended a few functions and a conference at New Plymouth Boys'
High - during which I found out about wikis and moodle, met up with a lot
of old friens and also tried to set up a blog but I haven't had time to
get into that yet - may be something I can develop next term.

Recently you've had my Dumbo movies and books. This time it's an easy one
- CDs. Easy cos this is what you do with music right - play them over and
over (unless it's by Ringo or Yoko in which case they don't get too many
rotates). The test for Dumbo CDs is - can you stand a multi-repeat play
straight after you have just listened to it? Okay here's mine and I had to
go to 10 - 5 was too tough:

David Gray - White Ladder; Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks; Beatles -
White Album (actually called 'The Beatles' but I would point that out);
Coldplay - Parachutes; Hard Fi - Stars of CCTV; Van Morrison - Moondance;
The Exponents - Grassy Knoll (NZ band); Bob Marley - Live at the Lyceum;
Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn. That's nine and my all time favourite Dumbo CD -
Frank Zappa - Waka Jawaka/Hot Rats (I can seriously listen to Big Swifty
20 times in a row!!). So - the usual suspects in there I know. Next time -
my guilty pleasures.

Till then - Love and peace - W

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