Monday, July 28, 2008

Update 24

Jade read my last post and said,"Good but not really aimed at the younger age group" - ie hers. So in an unashamed attempt to secure her approval here are some things a 16 year old may be interested in. Apologies to Jenna first(the family hairdresser from Headquarters in New Plymouth) - I promised her a photo (taken on my phone) but our bluetooth technology is not quite working. We'll sort it out and post it soon.

First a picture from the ball that escaped me - shows Jade and some old guy that looks like me cutting a rug (oops that was quite an old expression..let's go with 'moshing').

Next a great promo from the Discovery channel. We've been watching some of the Olympics build up on Discovery (the architecture, the technology, the athletes preparation sort of thing) and Jade and I fell in love with this soppy sentimental video to the extent that it has joined our verbal shorthand (like routines from Seinfeld).

This is an older one but still pretty cool that we can all enjoy.

Finally some Ricky Gervais. The various podcasts (basically a radio show that is streamed to ipods) from Gervais and pals (Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington)have been doing the rounds with Jade's friends. I started listening to them at home and I laughed so much my face hurt. Here's a taster. Unfortunately you don't see them but that's true of the podcast too so enjoy monkey news.:

I'm off now to a whanau meeting at school and then the local rotary are hosting some of our music students. Ka kite a tona wa (see you soon).

Love and peace - W

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Anonymous said...

your blogs have come a way. why dont you get a column in the stratford weekly.