Sunday, July 6, 2008

Update 19

After the frenzy of the blog launches (also did one for school and one for my English class - listed in my profile if you're interested) it's back to the relative calm of my regular updates. It's the start of the study break right now, in between terms 3 and 4 at school. Time for Adam to come home for a few days. We also picked up some more horses (Will and Honey join Cash and Maddie). The first two are on long term lease. Michelle and Gavin came out on Sunday and Michelle had a ride on Honey and Cash (and nearly fell off but eventually retained her dignity). Michelle is pictured with Will.

Sports wise my soccer boys had another win (8 -1 against New Plymouth Rovers). We're having a winning season so far (only two loses early on). I watched the Wimbledon finals - woo - what fantastic tennis in the men's final - unbelievable game. Spain are having a fantastic run.

Weather watch - we had a bit of snow in Stratford on Saturday (while I was reffing the soccer actually) nad it's been cold of course and pretty wet still. We took Adam up Mt Taranaki on Sunday and couldn't actually get to the top carpark cos the snow was beating the attempts to clear it. We went for a bush walk in the snow instead - great stuff.

In terms of music - currently grooving to some early Miles Davis as I type this, but some Jackie McLean is also in the disc changer. I'll put a link to a youtube vid of McLean for dad mainly. This clip and the next give a couple of tastes of his work (not actually the stuff I've got on CD which is less frenetic but you'll get an idea from these.

It's the sort of stuff he might appreciate. I've loved McLean's stuff for years because of the album covers (yes shallow but true), then I got into the music and to my surprise it's more to my taste than a lot of other jazz.

That'll do for the present - I'm up in Auckland this week for a first-time principal's conference and I'm looking forward to bunking (local lingo for wagging is actually 'ditching' these days) an afternoon to see dad. Ross and the Marbecks on Thursday (can you warn Guiness please Deirge).

Love and peace - W

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