Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update 11

Part of this update is a warning (!!) that I will be in Auckland for a
couple of days in July. I have a first time Principals' conference at the
Centra (by the airport) from Wednesday July 9 to Friday July 11. If you
live in Auckland or environs I'd love to pay you a visit if I can or you
may want to visit me (I'll organise a rental car for one of the days to go
to Orewa to see dad and Ross). So that's Marbecks, Ross, dad, and Suzanne
if you want to meet up for a coffee at some stage. Please let me know wot

The week has sped by (maybe when you get these updates you think the same
- wo - a week already!!). Went to Wanganui last Thursday to meet with
Ministry of Education people, interviewed for a receptionist, taught
English, coached soccer, had a PTA (Parent Teacher Association meeting,
had a billion other meetings - usual stuff. Some old friends from Nelson
came to stay for the weekend (Duncan and Stephanie Borlase - Jade's
Godparents) - we missed them when Jacky and I were in Nelson recently cos
they were in the North Island for work. I was fab to catch up with them -
they're old friends so it was like we saw them last weekend - we just pick
up. It's actually been 14 years since we were living in Nelson but we've
kept in touch. I think the last time we saw them was in cambridge about 4
or 5 years ago.

Jacky was most impressed (I was stunned) with the kids getting in touch
for mothers' day - well done! The big celebration this week is Samantha's
birthday on Friday.

Nature watch - rain came back on Friday after a nice few days - not as
freezing as last week either. The Borlases had fine weather but couldn't
see much of the mountain - obscured by clouds. The magpies are back -
early morning calls. The sheep have been in the tank paddock which is also
where the dogs have their kennels - poor Bazil and Finn are being bullied
by the sheep. I should explain again that these are pet sheep - orphans
who were hand reared and not afraid of dogs at all (or me as the other
photo shows) - so they drink the dogs' water, nose around the kennels and
stand around blissfully unaware that they are confusing the dogs who think
they are king of the castle. The two young horses have returned to the
owner/neighbour (after wrecking a gate that took me 20 mins to repair) and
the growth in the grass has now stopped. Ducky (the cow) moos like crazy
when she can't find long grass so we'll need to hard feed her soon. I've
included a photo of Finn on top of some hay in our hay barn - we got 100
bales from one paddock. We paid $1 each to have them baled. They are now
nearly up to $13 a bale to buy. Next year we plan to do 2 paddocks and
sell 100 bales.

Currently grooving to David Gray - White Ladder, some live DVDs, New Day
at Midnight, Life in Slow Motion.

Love - W

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