Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update 1

Howdy folks - shocked?? If I was you I would be! But yes - it is me (not
an alien invasion of Warren Purdy) and I'm going to try and keep up some
regular contact with you lot. I have to acknowledge that I'm the world's
worst at keeping in contact. Christine and dad have quite rightly told me
off and now that three of you live away from home and don't hear from me I
REALLY need to try harder. So here goes...of and don't feel obligated to
reply - this is not an exercise in making you feel guilty - it's designed
to help my burden of guilt!

So what have I/we been up to? And yes I know you still live with us Jade
but I don't want to keep you out of the loop. Okay well the holidays were
spent working around the house - painting the outside took ages (mostly
coz Jacky lost interest and I just needed to get it done before school
started). Jacky and I also built two lean-tos - one for the tractor and
one for the horse float - these were built onto the sides of the haybarn.
They're still up so so far so good.

Last weekend Samantha started at Victoria University - Jacky handled
herself with control but I lost it on the way home - and I was the same
when Adam went back to NZ from England and Keegan left home so no change
there. The house is certainly different feeling

Thanks Keegan for the CD - I have a sampler from Mojo magazine that you'll
love - I'll aim to parcel it up and send this week.

Okay that'll do it for the first one - I'm aiming for one a week!!

Caio for now - (currently grooving to Hard Fi's One Upon a Time in the West)

Love to y'all - Warren (aka Pop/woz/big brother/dad)

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