Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update 2

Okay so I wasn't expecting all the immediate responses - here's me
thinking you're all as lousy as me but nooooo. Hence the mind blowing
concept that I've sent two emails to y'all in 2 days. Wooo. Thanks for the
replies and the questions. I should have mentioned who was on the email
list - that's a Purdy family only list so: father- Graham (aka dad, aka
grandad); brother- Ross; her indoors-Jacky; son-Adam; son-Keegan;
daugher-Samantha; daughter-Jade; UK cousin-Christine Kirkham (aka cuz, and
used to be Christine Purdy). Ross may be a bit mystified at her inclusion
so I'll explain - he may remember I've corresponded with Christine since I
was ten (that's for the last 40 years!!!) and although he's never met her
(nor has dad I don't think) she is like our sister (indeed when we
together in Rochdale we were mistaken for brother and sister). And she's
like a big sister. Jacky and I are hoping you can come out and meet these
people again or for the first time Christine.

New stuff:
Adam got in touch with the news that he's out of butter; I forgot to
include Jacky in the first email (coz she knows all this stuff anyway) but
then I thought she needs to know what I'm telling everyone. Graham has his
computer fixed now and should be getting these emails as they hatch. Ross
included great pictures of his train and gocart (email him for details).
Samantha started lectures today - hope it went well! Keegan's CD he sent
me is stunning - he knows my tastes well. We need details of your
graduation Keegan - how many tickets etc. Jade's at school!! I'm off to

Caio - (grooving to Dream Theatre on KW's CD mix)

Love – W

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