Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update 21

Hi everyone - it's been a week of thunder and lightning (massive!!). This week Jacky started back at work on limited duties, we had a lamb born in the teeth of a gale/hail storm (and her twin die in the same storm), and Jade and I started back at school. Unfortunately we didn't know the twins were born until too late, by the time we got to them one had died. 'Rain' - the live one - is doing fine so far. I check for lambs each morning before school just in case - just the one so far.

The videos attached are a mixture of things Samantha has posted on youtube (Leda pointed out there wasn't much about Samantha so it's overkill time). First a bit of an old one - filmed by Samantha nd her friend Flo in England 2006. Samantha has promised a picture from the Victoria University Ball this week so the vids will have to suffice in the meantime. Samantha is the one in the Indian head dress (don't ask)...on a lean.

For a more up to date vid here's 'commando cream' - Samantha filmed her friend Renee at Stratford's AMP and only appears in the bloopers but you can also check out Stratford's entertainment highlight of 2007, and then another one from England - featuring some of her friends. hope you enjoy them.

Pete Cahill is an old school mate who's a wiz with web site design - try this one just released a link to real estate for searching out new appartments: I had a great time fantasing about luxury choices on the site. I think he's still got things to add but it's really worth checking out at:


I recently saw the twitter idea in operation at my recent conference - I wouldn't mind having a go at this with any of you that want to join me. To explain - Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? It sits as an interface on the desktop. Go to http://twitter.com for more info. I'll sign in if there are those amongst you who want to have a similar go and be my contacts. It may be great, it may not. Can you email me back or make a comment if you want to get involved with this? Groovy.

And speaking of groovy - listening to a double CD compliation of songs from Woody Allen movies called 'Woody's winners' (dad didn't think much of Jackie McLean but he'd love this one - heaps of his style jazz). My favs - Benny Goodman and his orchestra -Stompin' at the Savoy and Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters - Pistol packin' mama. On that (odd) note it's goodbye from him.

Love and peace - W

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Leda said...

Woohoo for images of Samantha! :-) Good to see you again, Chickie -- I remember you most clearly as a four-year-old, scoobering around Lord Auckland Road in Wakefield!
Hugs to all the Purdys! :-)