Saturday, July 26, 2008

Update 23

I've been looking at some other blogs lately (it's been raining a lot!) and you'll notice I've added a few features on the left like the video wall and a links section. The video wall comes from daily motion (a site like youtube) but I'm liking it more than youtube - it's nicer looking but not as comprehensive as youtube generally. Just click on the vertical daily motion sign on the video wall to see what I mean. The blogs I'm loving at present are from unlikely sources - Carly Simon's (yes that Carly Simon of 'You're So Vain' fame) and WFMU - a New York radio station's blog. I recommend both. I even left a comment on Carly's site (yes we're on first name basis now!). What was I doing there in the first place? Well Carly is a guilty pleasure - and I was reading an old Mojo magazine and came across a reference to her blog. It's really good (really). The wfmu site (also found via mojo) had this great animated clip - I haven't given you too much of John Lennon on the blog yet because you all know my obsessive/compulsive relationship with Johnny Rythmn. Try this though - it's fun and it won all sorts of short film awards at various film festivals.

While I think about it - I also found some great live stuff on an internet archive site (yes - mojo good is mojo!!)- If you haven't seen this one it's great for all sorts of live stuff. I typed in Frank Zappa and got a great interview from a US show with Frank debating censorship. It's a hoot.

The annoying thing with blogs generally (like mobile phones) is a distinct lack of index - someone should (maybe someone has?) do a web site that is a blog index - there must be billions of em out there (some, like mine, may actually be

Okay back to some family stuff - the Samantha-a-thon continues with a recent photo(I had to blackmail her with the threat of putting a video of her and Jade miming "we built this city" via hair brushes on youtube).

I haven't done much nature watch stuff lately so here's a bumper crop. We have photos from the weekend of the mountain (I loved the clouds) and some slushy snow on our nature walk up the mountain (actually I went on the walk/took the photos while Jacky Michelle and Gavin huddled together in the car!!).

A lot of bird life around at present in the garden - fantails, wax eyes and yellow hammers (the last two are very cute small birds - the names are what Jacky and I know them as - not sure what their real names are). The yellow hammers stay pretty much around the lake and driveway while the fantails flit about the house gardens. The ground is still very muddy/water-logged and we have very little grass for sheep and cow and horses. The lamb (Rain) is now a week old and very cute and stronger - amazing how much they grow in a week. No other lambs yet but we have some huge sheep that must be holding triplets.

In my currently grooving section this week - Big Country live in Glasgow, and some Ringo solo stuff to celebrate his recent birthday - Happy Birthday Ritchie!!

All for now - love and peace - W

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