Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update 25

Kia ora whanau - what a terrible week last week was - not only do the All Blacks lose (badly! to Australia!!!!), my boys' football team played a shocking game and lost 13 nil, and...and I missed both episodes of Coronation Street. Tuesday I had the open evening at school (see my post on the shsprincipal blog for photos and details) but then I had the whanau meeting and rotary music night on Thursday. AAArrrggghhh!!!! So this post's for the old farts and me (no change there then). So we have some rock'n'roll, some sport (after that abysmal All Blacks performance last Saturday it'll be tough) and some other stuff plus nature watch and currently gooving.

For the music clip I can't go past the Beatles and this is a great one - my favourite Beatle song from my second favourite spot in London - for all the trainspotting obsessive Beatle freaks amongst you (yes okay - just me) this clip isn't the one used in the Let it Be film (where John forgets the words and mumbles):

Re the second most fav spot in London? I stood at the foot of this building (number 3Savile Row - just around the corner from the shops in Oxford Street), Jacky took my photo from the other side of the narrow street, I looked up to the roof (where this clip was filmed), and I smiled and I smiled (and I'm smiling about it now). to think that people walk past this hallowed spot in ignorance all the time.
I love the bit in the movie 'Let It Be' when all the shop girls and bowler hats chugging on pipes look around and start moving to the source of the noise - the Beatles on the roof of Apple hq - 3 Savile Rd., London.
Magic stuff.

The sport - after the awesome footage of France lately (I believe there was some kind of bicycle race on at the time), I've reverted to searching out the transfer lists in the premier league (couple of good youngsters signed by Arsene Wenger for the mighty Arsenal), marking off the calendar until the first game of the new season, and watching some cricket where the England team are playing catch up to the jappies - Freddie Flintoff is awesome!! oh joy - The Emirates Cup is on tonight - The Arsenal on our TV!!! Pity about the cricket though - England looked good in patches.

So we're now kinda updated on last week but wait there's more! More good news on Saturday morning - my boys' football team are back to winning ways - a 10 nil win over Francis Douglas Memorial College. And the All Blacks SMASHED EM BRO!!

Photo time: I've put a link to Keegan's photography site on the left hand side - check it out - some amazing pictures there. KW will be a bit coy (and thanks for permission to publish some pictures Keegan) but I agree with one of the comments on his site that he's got talent. Grandad will be proud.
Here are two pics to whet your appetite.

Just so Adam and Samantha don't feel left out there's a picture of Ad on the fridge (wearing a very familiar expression) and some snaps taken by Samantha in the UK.

Nature watch - the rain rain rain continues to come down down down (obscure Winnie the pooh reference there) so I took my camera outside and took some winter snaps.

Duckie (the cow) wondered what I was up to and was severely upset that I wasn't there to feed her. Actually the only time she's not mooing lately is when she's stuffing hay down her gob. The waterway is the release from the lake. A While back Jacky and I put some rocks down to make it look more like a riverbed - pretty cool huh. other shots are of the lambs - three so far. The white one peeking around her mum is 'Rain' the other two are called 'Muddy'(a ram) and 'Waters' (a ewe). I thoughtfully took some pictures of puddles - we've had rain non stop for about a three weeks now (since I returned from the conference). I also went down to another creek running through our border and then saw the horses (Cash and Maddy) trying to see what I was up to. The token arty shot is the rain into the trough with the horses in the background. Jacky's horse 'Will' or 'Willis' is the one on her own looking pretty bedraggled. I also wanted to do a time lapse on the daffodils so I'll aim to update these over the next month or so. As the photo shows they are just poking through the ground at the moment. Oh and that's Ellie - our cat looking like a drowned rat. Ellie is unlike normal cats in that she loves water!! Really. I've actually, I swear, seen her walk on water! She jumped into a trough and danced across the top of the water!! Finally - some pictures of the house in the rain with the buds on the magnolia there as well.

Thanks for the emails - I love all the comments and encouraging words. Denene sent me an awesome picture of Team Taylor (who's Denene/Team Taylor? - scroll down and check out the Whanau map on the left) and she is kindly allowing me to share it with all of you.

I forgot to include this great photo of Fran that Christine sent me too. I was scrolling through some old emails that I'd kept - actually looking for Fran's theatre site to put on my links (can you resend it Fran ? - I couldn't find it) so the photo will have to do in the meantime.

Okay - nuff awready - an epic one I know. Phew I'm exhausted! Till next time...

Love and Peace - W

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