Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update 16

Well well, my my - here we are at my blog (one of three I've created this week - see my profile for t'others). It's been fun too - I haven't had time to import the various photos that have been included in my updates but that will happen. This will be a great way for you to keep track of me and see more/hear more. For instance his week I went searching the silent alliance site on myspace and youtube (and the website). Great stuff it is too and rather than have you search yourself I'll put a video with this post so that you can see and hear the talented Mr Kirkhams et al hard at play.

Apart from the techno excitement of the blog we had Jade's ball at school - Jacky and Jade looked amazing!! Photos to come - I just need to find a card reader for the camera and I'm away.

Other news - last week of school this week and then 2 weeks holiday - wahoo; my soccer boys had their game canceled; Spain won Euro08 - fabulous - Cesc Fabregas for Arsenal was impressive in the semi-final, not so much in the final; it's been raining pretty much constantly since my last update, a lot of snow on the mountain; jacky and I went up to the snowline - made snow angels (oh yes we did!!) and had a great time.

I promised some guilty pleasures in my last update - Mr Roger Marbeck mentioned in a reply to an update that he was listening to Peter Frampton. I scoffed and then went away and dug out Frampton Comes Alive - there must be a billion copies of this lying quietly in record collections throughout the world. Yes Roge - tis good - I admit it, but it's a guilty pleasure. Should I like it? Should I admit it? Oh what the hell!!

That's about it for this week - currently grooving to Tool (love that sludgy sound)

Love and peace out - W


LCS said...

Woohoo! Well done you! My mumma will be so proud of you, catching up to her computer proficiency! Very impressive!

Hugs from (for-the-moment)sunny (though somewhat chilly) Adelaide, Uncle Warren,
:-) L.

keegan said...

i have two frampton albums inc comes alive. it felt like a requisite album for some reason, he doesnt click with me for some reason, im slightly put off by the 'superstar' status. im into neil young (zuma and rust never sleeps) and jethro tulls first at the moment. did you listen to that zappa broadcast last night? prob busy. it was great, jzz from hell and yellow shark periods. anyway check the link out for some jazz-metal. im seeing this guy play in october. drummer worked with zappa on some stuff as well, hes good. exciting. hope alls well


Annette said...

Let ME be the FIRST to comment -- great to see you're up and blogging. Ain't it great fun? Enjoyed the video and am looking forward to seeing photos there too. I'll take a look at the school one after everyone gets up and I can listen without waking anyone. And I'll get together MY best film list for you one of these days. Blog on....