Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Update 17

There are two purposes to this posting - one to welcome new friends to my updates and second to place some recent pictures for your perusal. First up the fandamly without Samantha (who couldn't get from Wellington to Hamilton for Keegan's graduation)decamped to attend Keegan's graduation ceremony (that's why he's the man in the cape - Seinfeld fans will understand the injoke). You'll need to go back to an archived post for details but we have Jacky, Keegan, Adam, Jade, and me.
Then some other photies from our shoot. Enjoy!!

Okay so next we have some other recent photos from the House of Purdy in Stratford, NZ. These were added to an earlier update via email but now you get to see them (and others besides)on the blog. This is fun huh! I should really thank Annette for getting me started on this (oh oh you've created a monster - the kirkhams will get he +special guests injoke). I also went to a course at New Plymouth Boys' High on various ICT topics and saw how easy it was to do these things. I tend to wait and see with a lot of ICT but the blogs are terrific. Thanks for your comments so far too - this is an awesome way to stay in touch with y'all. Enuf blather - on with the photies.

And that'll do it for this posting. Take care. Love and peace - W

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