Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update 3

Hello everybody - the family is expanding! Following a request from Christine
I've added her three children to the family email - that's Tom with the
forehead; Fran is the cool dudette and Lewis is...well...Lewis. I've also
added Christine's brother - David Purdy and my NZ cuz Suzanne Purdy to the
list. I got in touch with Dr S Purdy last year
after seeing her photo in a publication - can't mistake that Purdy look
(mixture of embarrassment, studiousness, bewilderment, and steely resolve)
that we all share
(except for Jacky who's an honorary Purdy). I knew Suzanne at Auckland
University very briefly about thirty years ago (did I mention how bad I am at
staying in touch??) and we caught up via email. Profound apologies to
David - I should have added you earlier!

I thought you additional lot may like to be included in my regular
mailouts. No obligation to respond
people - this is my way of staying in touch.

So for the record - the Purdy family of these emails consists of my wife,
brother, father, two daughters, two sons, NZ cuz (Suzanne), Greater
Manchester cuz (Christine), Scottish cuz (David),
and Christine's three children. Unless dad tells me something
shocking/different - I shouldn't be adding to the list anytime soon.

Brief recap - massive/overwhelming guilt hit me as I said ta ta to
Samantha in Wellington a few weeks ago (starting University). The guilt
was built on strong foundadtions - suitable chastisement from Christine
and dad about not staying in touch. So...as I am terrible with a phone I
figured email was the place to start.

So far I've included some photos (didn't know they were so huge - sorry
'bout that) and chit chat about mundane stuff - well that's what life is
mostly - right?

So latest stuff - Jacky killed a huge rat today in the chicken coop. The
first lot of wood was delivered in preparation for the winter (tis getting
cooler in the mornings but still really hot during the days). I'm cooking
dinner (Jacky working tonight - neo natal ward) - hamburgers!! I'm up to
disk 2 or season 6 of a latest Seinfeld retrospective - The soup episode!!
A classic.

That'll do it - best go and buy some hamburger buns. Currently grooving to
Aimee Mann - Bachelor #2 and Lost in Space, and Joni's new one from
Starbucks - her voice is starting to become Marianne Faithfulish -
strange, oh and Neil Young Live 1971 solo in Canada's Massey Hall - WOW -
loving it.

Bye for now everyone - love - W

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